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A crazy roast beef club sandwich created by the owner of former book store / Cafe / Night Club…..
It was a small college town … and in the 90’s ….everywhere was like a TV show I can’t mention the name of….
Like this sandwich… that would cause controversy …. because the sandwich was named after a movie…. the shop got sued by the movie’s production company……. … and so they then had to remove it from the menu….
Lat’s just say name suggestions have been “the princess horese beast” and “the brides horse beast” and neither sound good but I can’t come up with a name that may not be trade marked …lol
I can merely say it’s a double decker Roast beef with Horse radish sauce and Swiss , combined with a BLT….. yeah that…
That said… here is a variation of that sandwich…
The sandwich that needs a better name…. and aye please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments and check us out next time.
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