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The Horizon and Beyond

A total new perspective.

A Little About Us

Our mission is accomplishing the following:

    • Producing entertaining, exciting, and informative content and shows.
    • We provide a secure, reliable resource for people to recycle/donate their old or broken computers easily.
    • We Provide free open-source disassembly/tear down videos on social media of computers–to aid others in their repair.

    • Send us a laptop we haven’t disassembled on video–and ask us to disassemble it– and we will.

    • Donating working machines to schools, churches, and other charities in need of such.

    • Refurbishing machines or recycling them–if they are beyond repair.

    • We Provide professional video, audio, and broadcasting services for charities and non-profit organizations.

    • We provide a platform for non-profit social welfare charities to effectively utilize social media.

    • We offer secure managed private cloud services, allowing artists and organizations to collaborate internally using their own private cloud.

    • We are a platform that allows artists, musicians, small businesses, and the community–to have an effective resource to publish media.

    • We have created a space for healing unification and understanding–that transcends the social media platforms it utilizes
    • Additionally we also provide commercial services as described on our main page along with Smart Contracts and NFT creation services.